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Dear Member of the European Parliament,
After the rejection of ACTA, we, citizens, felt the urge to share
with you these pieces of the digital culture we are building everyday
through the free, open, neutral and therefore universal Internet.
This USB Datalove key was financed in a "crowd-funding" effort by 
citizens from all over Europe. You will find on it a collection of music, 
movies, and books dear to our heart and created with the same passion of
sharing and reusing cultural works, and promoting such practices. This
is the way culture is made today!

We hope these works will help you understand that it is urgent that the
cultural practices enabled by digital technologies be encouraged rather
than repressed, through a deep positive reform of copyright.

  "Everyone has the right freely to participate in the
  cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and
  to share in scientific advancement and its benefits."
  Article 27.1, Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Happy viewing, listening, reading... and remixing!

La Quadrature du Net